National Treasury has set the date for the Special Workshop to discuss the South African Tax Petition Group’s December 2018 submission.


We call for you to urgently submit any questions, concerns, or comments you may have under LEGAL PRIVILEDGE to our Admitted Attorney Natasha Wilkinson at who will again collate and ensure submission to National Treasury / SARS, with your confidentiality assured.


In December 2018, the Tax Petition Group made a second submission to National Treasury to obtain further relief for South Africans that would be affected by the amended Expat Tax law coming into effect 1 March 2020. We were the only submitting party hereon, thus we know our submission was so compelling that National Treasury advised that they would set up a Special Workshop to further discuss the issues brought up in the submission, in early 2019.

The Special Workshop has been set for 6 March 2019 and will be attended by representatives of the Tax Petition Group.

For the Special Workshop, the Tax Petition Group calls once again on all South African’s working abroad to voice their concerns by way of practical examples. We need these to show National Treasury just how adversely this amended law will affect South Africans abroad.

For more information and to support our cause please visit