TPG Opens Its Doors For South Africans Working Abroad

Our non-profit organization, established this month, has already more than two hundred registered members and we look forward to growing into a strong presence to impact taxation laws and issues related to South Africans earning an income abroad.

We have already started receiving donations towards this month end. Donations are requested to obtain the services of experts and put infrastructure in place to represent, engage and interact with the South African Treasury and Receiver Of Revenue to impact existing and future changes to the tax laws to ensure that our members best interests are protected.

We also have a new Presidential Fiscal Committee, who are now deciding on future tax increases. They have gone on record yesterday (the 27th of November 2017) to say they are looking at R15bn more taxes and as expatriates we are easy targets.

There are many issues with the impending changes to article 10 and taxation being enacted such as “allowances” and “fringe benefits” which are not tax exempt. The Rand’s performance against foreign currencies and in general is confusion on determining status of the “ordinary tax resident”.

TPG will also be attending the SARS and National Treasury workshop to be held on 6 December on behalf of our members.

This workshop relates to the Annexure C (Individuals. Employment and savings; VAT & Tax administration act.) of the 2018 Budget review. Based upon articles in the media over the past weeks we are concerned that even more avenues of taxing expats may be raised by the government.

We invite all our members to send their comments, requests and items related to taxation on foreign income earned to us to determine and prepare a list of the highest priority items our members want addressed and to align our efforts to act and serve your best interests.

The initial wins we had have generated a large saving for all of us, but I am increasingly getting private messages and we simply have to keep them honest.


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